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Your Weight is

Not your fault!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: your weight is not your fault, and it is not shameful. No one, including yourself, should blame you for your weight. Did you know that your genetics determines up to 80% of your weight? Just as your genes determine your height, they are the most influential factor in determining your weight, and they’re completely beyond your control.

Excess Weight is a real disease which is 1) chronic, 2) complex, and 3) progressive. It is not a result of poor willpower. There is more to weight gain than eating too much or moving too little.

Here at Modest Medix, we are an Ontario-based medical weight management center and we want to change how you view your weight and, in the process, change how you view yourself by achieving the best weight through our sustainable, realistic, and enjoyable weight loss programs.

Why Choose Modest Medix

Weight Management

Weight management
craving and
feel full
diet mindset
your exhausted
Your weight
is in your genes

Reduce craving and feel full

Drop All-or-nothing diet mindset

Energize your exhausted brain

Your weight is in your genes

Reclaim and Reconnect with the


We are all born with connections: to family, friends, work, hobbies, and our creator. When we struggle with our weight and what we think our physical image should be, over time, we lose those connections. When we think negatively about ourselves, we begin to disconnect from our loved ones. Modest Medix will help you reclaim those connections!

Through our weight management approach, you’ll be kinder, happier, more confident, and know what your heart really wants. In Ontario, we have designed a personalized weight loss program to help you feel empowered to remain at your best weight; to live your best, most connected life.

Let Modest Medix change how you view yourself. Reclaim and Reconnect with the New Best You, and nurture the relationship you lost. Through mindfulness and lifestyle therapy, Modest Medix makes the process feel easy.

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Toxic diet culture

Ditch the

Toxic Diet Culture!

Dieting is not sustainable: Let’s be honest, the moment you stop, the weight comes back right away. This is because weight gain is a chronic illness.

No one can maintain a diet that is too restrictive. You should eat everything in moderation. No more cheat days! You can be in charge of what and how much you eat.

With Modest Medix, it ends now. It’s not about numbers on a scale. It’s about living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Our weight loss programs provide virtual one-on-one support and access to our educational materials. As a result, your best weight journey is made sustainable, realistic, and enjoyable!






Choose Your

Not Your Number !

It’s all about the best weight:  Once you reach that weight, maintaining it shouldn’t be overwhelming. We don’t expect you to go from being sedentary to running a marathon. We don’t encourage you to go from loving meat to being vegan.

Meal replacement shakes are a great option for supporting our weight loss programs. They help you feel full while consuming less. Replacing one or two meals a day with OPTIFAST can help speed up weight loss and makes maintaining it easier!

Large lifestyle changes aren’t sustainable. Instead, we advise overall portion control, structured meal plans and if needed a medical meal replacement. The guilt-diet-fail cycle is bad for you. With Modest Medix and OPTIFAST, it ends now!

Healthy Eating Made

Incredibly Simple

EatLove is the intelligent app that puts nutrition and meal planning in the palm of your hand. With customizable meal plans and smart grocery lists, you can plan ahead or organize in the moment, all while still meeting your lifestyle and health goals.

EatLove’s meal swap ability lets you make the best food choices for you and your family. Make grocery shopping easier with optimized ingredient lists. When you’re eating out, let EatLove recommend the best restaurant options for your health goals.

EatLove is the go-to resource for all your food and nutrition needs. With EatLove’s help, you can make smart, nutritious meal choices with confidence. With the EatLove app you get the best nutrition in the palm of your hand.

Eat Love

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Our Clients


I was referred by my family doctor to Dr Saima Khan.I have so far lost 50 lbs! I am thrilled! I feel great and my health has improved drastically. With the help of Dr Saima and her team, I did it! Medications, support and dedication all contributed to this loss. I really recommend anyone planning to lose weight and improve their health to visit Dr. Khan and join her program.


I have been a patient at Mavis Medix since February 2021 and love working with Dr. Khan and her staff. Dr. Khan and her staff are kind, hard working and genuinely care about all of their patients. They approach weight loss with a healthy method to build future better habits to keep the weight off long term. If you are struggling with weight loss and want to build better eating habits for the future, I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Khan and her team!

Sakeenah Sayed

I absolutely could not be any more impressed with the entire staff at Mavis Medix! With the help and guidance of Dr. Khan, Hadeel and the rest of the team, I’ve lost 50 lbs since late January and gone from having dangerously high to not just normal, but ideal blood pressure. They are always very patient and accommodating, and focus on helping you change your mindset and habits, rather than focusing on numbers. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Jen Lowie

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Modest Medix Weight Management is a physician and registered dietician-led program that follows Obesity Canada Guidelines, focusing on the best weight using a value-based approach.

“Ideal weight” is what you typically aim for, but “Best Weight” is where your body ends up at and this is the weight that gives you the maximum health and functional benefits. For some, ideal weight is not realistically achievable. Focusing on the best weight, instead of the ideal weight, makes weight loss and maintenance more achievable and allows you to value the Best New You.

Modest Medix Weight Management program encompasses Lifestyle Therapy based on these four important pillars:

  • Genetic Testing
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)
  • Behavioural Psychotherapy, and
  • Anti-Obesity Medications (AOM)

The research has proven that standard behavioural therapy (diet and exercise) causes up to 3% of weight loss, while medication(s) can expedite weight loss by more than 5% and helps maintain the lost weight. It drastically controls cravings and hunger and gives you a sense of early satiety. Because we only use Canada Health-approved medications and screen for eligibility, our medications are safe.