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The Modest Medix Weight Management program consists of the following:

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At Modest Medix we help women with weight issues who are trying to get pregnant and are under active fertility treatment.

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Modest Medix Optifast Program


Full Meal Replacement 4 weeks: $ 591.90 (+tax) Monthly Program

  • Total Daily Calorie 900
  • Active Weight loss with Full Meal Replacement (FMR) for 28 days
  • Weekly, 1 to 1 virtual patient empowerment sessions through Obesity Care Educators (OCE): include Behaviour therapy, medical nutritional therapy and physical activity;
  • ABOM-certified MD Assessment and Monitoring
  • Online Portal, Learning Modules, unlimited email messaging and monthly peer-led support groups
  • 100% virtual support program

Nutrigenomix Testing

Nutrigenomics is the science that studies the interaction between the nutrients we eat and our genes. Knowing more about your unique genetic makeup can help you find the optimal diet for your health, wellness, and even your fitness!

With a Nutrigenomix test, you can learn:

✔ What nutrients you should focus on in your diet to best meet your unique needs

✔ How to eat to reach your performance, weight loss, or body composition goals

✔ Information about your fitness strengths or areas to improve upon, as well as your risk for injury and tips to prevent or manage it


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Free Assessment

Dr. Saima Khan conducts an evaluation aimed at grasping your drive, aspirations, and obstacles in achieving your desired weight. This aids in selecting a program suited to your unique requirements, emphasizing safe, sustained advancement, and taking into account any medical conditions or difficulties that might affect your path toward a healthier and sustainable weight.

Dr. Saima Khan